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How can Baker Robinson Lawyers assist you?

  • Buying and selling residential properties including houses, units and vacant land

  • Buying and selling commercial properties including units, vacant land, farms and industrial land

  • Buying and selling properties by self-managed superannuation funds

  • Drafting Contracts and conducting searches


Buying a Property

Whether you are buying a house, unit or vacant land the process can be quite stressful and it is important, where possible, to be aware of your rights and obligations before you sign a contract in Queensland.

Throughout the conveyance, we will:

  • Check the title and plan for easements, encumbrances and caveats as well as conduct the usual searches;

  • Ensure notice is given to the seller in relation to all conditions of the contract;

  • Ensure there are no outstanding fees payable for rates, water charges, body corporate levies and land tax;

  • Calculate transfer duty payable and explain any concession available;

  • Prepare all documents and make sure you gain good title to the property; and

  • Liaise with your financier to ensure their requirements are fulfilled and they attend settlement.

For further information on the conveyancing process when buying contact us on (07) 5494 2665.

Selling a Property

Once you have signed the contract as a seller, there is no changing your mind as the conditions are generally all in favour of the buyer and it is only the buyer that normally has the option of whether to proceed or not.

Throughout the conveyance, we will:

  • Ensure the buyer gives notice on all conditions under the contract;

  • Check that all documents you are required to sign are in order;

  • Ensure rates, water charges and body corporate levies that you have paid in advance are adjusted in your favour; and

  • Arrange for the discharge of your mortgage and liaise with your bank.

For further information on the conveyancing process when selling contact us on (07) 5494 2665.

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